Choose from a variety of options to create a unique product for your brand. 

At our factory in Bali, the best artisans on Earth hand-roll each cone. You can be confident your cones will burn smooth, comply with industry regulations, and fit your favorite filling machine.

Here are some reasons to choose Cone Pros:

  • FACTORY DIRECT - We own and operate our own factory, and control every aspect of production. This means lower prices, faster turnaround, more options, and overall better service.

  • TOP QUALITY - We source the best materials for your cones. We use only 100% natural Gum Arabic to roll each tube. Colored rolling paper cones are made with natural plant dyes which are food-safe and FDA compliant. All products are tested to ensure they exceed industry standards.

  • FASTER TURNAROUND - Our average lead time for custom cones is 3 weeks delivered to your door, sometimes less.

  • LOWER MINIMUMS - A benefit of owning the factory is we can offer the lowest minimums in the industry.

  • PRICE MATCHING - You won't deal with any expensive middlemen. Show us a lower quote and we'll beat it.


    Choose from a variety of paper types. We offer various types of rolling paper (12-14 gsm), and hemp wrapper (45-60 gsm)

  • TIPS

    Full-color printed paper tips, glass tips, flavor ball tips, and stickers.


    Choose from the most popular sizes.

    Custom cone lengths, filter lengths, and shapes are available.