• Tubes are an increasingly popular choice. We are experts with over 20 years of rolling experience. We have the tools and knowledge to help you create a unique and successful brand.


    Consistency is key.

    Each cone is crafted with precision from the highest quality materials. All products are lab-tested to help ensure they meet or exceed industry compliance standards. You and your customers deserve the best.


    Time is money.

    The average lead time for custom tubes is 3 weeks delivered to your door, sometimes less. For larger orders you can request batch deliveries, so you can get to work right away.


    Factory direct = no middlemen = lower prices.

    Real value is more than just low prices. At Cone Pros we understand that smaller minimums can help make dreams come true. We can also assist with design, packaging, processing, distribution, marketing and more.

Customize Your Tubes

Customizing is easy.

Follow these simple steps, and we will send a quotation and digital mock-up of your custom tube.

Step 1

Choose Paper Type

We offer several types of rolling paper,

& hemp wrapper (hemp blunt).


Step 2

Choose Filter Type

Including full-color printed paper tips, glass tips, wood tips, ceramic tips, sugar (candy) tips, and flavor ball tips.


Step 3

Choose Size

You can choose a standard tube length/diameter...

or create your own!


Step 4

Submit Your Design

We have many branding options, including custom cigar bands and printed filters. Send us your design and we will make a digital mock-up.