• Overview

    Filters are know by many names - Tips, Crutches, Mouthpieces to name a few. Choosing the right tip is key to giving your brand a unique identity. We have several basic categories of filters. Within each category, you can choose from a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Add the ability to print your own designs, and the possibilities are truly endless!

  • Glass

    Glass is a popular choice. Glass tips are sleek and classy. Many people who use glass tips are so impressed, they don't want to use any other filter. Our standard glass tips are clear and cylindrical. Sizes range from 8mm - 12mm diameter. We can make bigger sizes for special projects. We can also make a variety of colors and finishes, including metallic and iridescent. Conical glass tips are also available. You can further customize your glass tips by adding a filter insert. We can print on this filter insert so your design is visible through the glass.

  • Wood

    Wood is a very traditional choice. Wood tips have been around a long time for a reason. The tapered ends have mouthfeel unlike anything else. Our standard "duck bill" wood tips are made of Ash wood. They range in diameter from 8mm - 12mm, but we can make larger tips for special projects. We can source Walnut wood to make deluxe wood tips. A conical version is also available. You can take your brand to the next level and laser-engrave your logo onto the wood tips.

  • Ceramic

    Ceramic is a newer option that is gaining popularity. Ceramic tips have a similar feel to glass, but lend a unique vibe to your brand. Ceramic tips are available in diameters from 8mm - 12mm. conical ceramic tips are also available. Elevate your brand with a color screen-printed logo.

  • Paper

    Paper is the classic, budget-friendly filter option. Paper tips are highly customizable since you can print any design across the entire surface. They are also extremely versatile and easily adapt to any size or shape. You can add some extra flair to your paper tips by choosing a spiral roll or recessed tip.

  • Flavor Balls

    Flavor balls can add some zing to you tubes or cones. A tiny capsule is rolled inside a paper tip. When pressure is applied by squeezing or pinching the sides of the tip, the capsule bursts and releases flavor and aroma.

  • Sugar Tips

    Sugar Tips are a new innovation from Cone Pros. This is a truly unique option you won't find anywhere else. Sugar tips are made of pure sugar and come in a variety of colors and flavors.

  • Stickers

    No tube is complete without a cigar band. We offer a variety of custom options, including full color printing, custom shapes, metallic paper, iridescent paper, and spot-UV printing. Stickers are a great branding option not only for tubes, but also for hemp wrapper cones.